Saturday, April 29, 2006

Second Round: Tarvaris Jackson, Quarterback


The TOA must have got sick of the draft too. They traded both of their third round picks to Pittsburgh for their second round pick (the last pick in the second round). With pick #64 the Minnesota Vikings selected Tarvaris Jackson, quarterback from Alabama State.

Here is the scouting report on Tarvaris Jackson. Jackson is a very intriguing prospect who has enough size, a strong arm and the ability to be an accurate passer, but needs to throw with better technique more consistently in order to develop. He is definitely somewhat raw and will not be able to be as consistently productive in the pros as he was in college until he becomes much more consistent using good footwork. He sees the entire field well, goes through his progressions and can still pick up for making small errors. He deals with deep safeties very well -- he looks them off and does a good job of going back to them at the last minute to make strong and accuracy throws. Teams will be cautious to draft him because, until his footwork and throwing motion improve, he is going to have trouble becoming a consistent passer in the NFL. He would be a great pick towards the end of the draft and will need to spend a few seasons developing before he is ready to legitimately compete for a starting job.

This seems like another reach. I don’t know why we traded both third round picks to get a Division II quarterback that wasn’t highly rated by many. Hopefully Childress and the boys know what they are doing. The good news is, Jaws loves him. He was saying on ESPN2 that Jackson has a gun and he thinks that Jackson is a nice prospect.

Assuming this is it for Day One, we picked up a starting linebacker in Greenway, a nickel back in Griffin, offensive line depth in Cook and the quarterback of the future (I hope) in Jackson. I guess I can live with this. Let’s hope these boys can play!


The Vikes have three Day Two picks (a pick in rounds 4, 5 & 6).

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