Saturday, December 01, 2007

Big Game Sunday

This is the most anxious/excited I have been for a Vikings game in quite awhile. Not only is it a HUGE game against a NFC North rival, but it could have playoff implications.

A win at home against the Lions sets the Vikes up to finish the season strong and possibly make the playoffs. Did I mention that future Rookie of the Year, Adrian Peterson will be back? He will wear a brace on his knee and split carries with Chester Taylor.

If the Vikes were to win Sunday, that would be three victories in a row. They have never won three in a row under Brad Childress. What a monster game!

As a die-hard Vikings fan for my entire life, I am used to the ups and downs of the Vikes. More downs then ups actually. This is a typical game where the Vikes have momentum and SHOULD win at home. Ask any Vikes fan though, they are nervous about Sunday.

If the Vikes beat Detroit by no means are they guaranteed a playoff spot, in fact they would FINALLY be 500 for the year, but if they win I think the playoffs are realistic.

Chilly, T-Jack, AD, Winny, Sid the Kid and the Williams boys need to show up on Sunday and beat the Lions. They should, but I fear they won’t.

I predict Vikes 31, Detroit 20. AD, Sid the Kid, Shiancoe and Sharper lead the Vikes to victory.

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