Thursday, October 24, 2013

Minnesota Vikings Unrestricted Free Agents 2014

I’m still not totally sure what happened this season. We have no quarterback, no offensive line and no defense whatsoever. The Vikes are 1-5 and with no hope in sight, it is time to focus on next season.

A fair amount of notables on this current roster will be Free Agents after the season. Here are some of the biggest names:

Jared Allen, DE
Matt Cassel QB
Josh Freeman, QB
Desmond Bishop, LB
Chris Cook, CB
Toby Gerhart, RB
Everson Griffen, DE
Charlie Johnson, G
Marcus Sherels, S
Jerome Simpson, WR
Joe Webb, WR
Kevin Williams, DT

Now here is my thoughts on what the Vikings should do about the above players.

Assuming Christian Ponder has been cut (which he will be after we have a new Head Coach), keep Matt Cassel around as backup quarterback and start whoever we draft in the First Round of the NFL Draft. This would also mean letting Josh Freeman go.

To be honest, I have NEVER been a fan of Toby Gerhart. He is not a third down running back, he is like a poor, poor, poor man’s version of Adrian Peterson. It is time to let Gerhart go. The Vikes need a legit third down back.

Both Jerome Simpson and Joe Webb will be free agent wide receivers. They are completely different players. Webb should be cut right now, but he won’t be since this coaching staff apparently loves him. It’s time to let Webb walk.

Now Simpson is a different story. He was a little banged up and was underwhelming last season, but this year he has look much different. He appears to be pretty decent if anyone could get him the ball. The downside for Simpson is that Cordarrelle Patterson appears ready to take his spot. Personally I’d start Patterson and Greg Jennings next season and let Simpson walk, but I am a little torn saying that. I love the potential Patterson shows, but I also think Simpson has some talent. Likely Simpson’s price tag will be too high and that money should be spent on the defensive side of the football.
Charlie Johnson is huge, but he is not very good. He has started on the Vikings offensive line as both a tackle and now a guard, but it is time to let him walk. The Minnesota Vikings offensive line is a disaster and he is part of the problem. Bye Charlie!

Jared Allen has been awesome to have on the team and he is a fan favorite for sure, but unless he is willing to take a massive pay cut, let him walk. He’s just not as dominant as he once was. Although you have gotta admit that sack he had grabbing Eli’s jersey while Allen was still being blocked was awesome!

With JA gone, it seemed obvious that Everson Griffen would be resigned, but he sure has looked flat to me this year. I assume the Vikes will work something out with Griffen and he and Brian Robison will be the starters at defensive end in 2014.

Kevin Williams has been a rock for the Vikings. He is one of the greatest defensive tackles to ever play for the Minnesota Vikings. However, the end is near. The Vikes draft Sharrif Floyd to take over Kevin’s spot and he will likely do that next year. Hopefully Williams retires and then we can enshrine him into the Vikings Ring of Fame.

Desmond Bishop seemed like a great signing this offseason. He wasn’t able to be our MLB, but finally showed some toughness and made some plays to earn a starting OLB spot and then he tore his ACL again. I assume his NFL career is over. Let Bishop walk or limp away from the Vikes.

Chris Cook has shown flashes of being a shutdown corner, but he also has shown flashes of not only being a horrible human being, but also being a horrible cornerback. Cook has been burned many, MANY times for touchdowns and to date, still does NOT have a single interception. Not one. It is time to let the Chris Cook experiment end in Minnesota. Goodbye Chris, don’t choke anyone on your way out of town.

Marcus Sherels is an interesting one. He barely made the team this year, but appears to be one of the better defensive backs the Vikings have currently on the roster (not that that means much though). Sherels also has been our punt returner the past couple season and although he has scored on a couple of punts, he never seems to do much with the punts. I feel like he is always just fair catching them. Taking all that into consideration, I would keep Sherels around for a likely low price and would use primarily on defense as a dime back type player. We need a new punt returner in 2014.

The Minnesota Vikings should re-sign: Matt Cassel (backup quarterback), Everson Griffen (starting defensive end) and Marcus Sherels (nickel/dime defensive back).

It is time for the Vikings to cut ties with: Josh Freeman (QB), Toby Gerhart (RB), Jerome Simpson (WR), Joe Webb (WR/QB), Charlie Johnson (G), Jared Allen (DE), Kevin Williams (DT), Desmond Bishop (LB) and Chris Cook (CB).

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Anonymous said...

Sherels is #2 in the league for punt return average. I beleive at one point late in the year, he lead.