Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft

Round 1: Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA
Round 2: AJ McCarron, QB, Alabama 
Round 3: Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida 
Round 3: Hakeem Smith, SS, Louisville 
Round 4: Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh 
Round 5: Chris Watt, OG, Notre Dame 
Round 6: James Wilder, RB, Florida St.
Round 7: Ricardo Allen, CB Purdue

Vikes Draft Summary: 

With the Vikes selecting eighth overall, many of the top quarterbacks will be gone before they pick so I went BPA (Best Player Available) and also a huge need area with the selection of Barr. Barr instantly will become a starting linebacker for the Vikes. 

McCarron is a winner and is the best quarterback available in the second round. I’m not overly thrilled with this selection, but after passing on a quarterback in the first round, Minnesota has to go quarterback in the second.

Thanks to trading Percy Harvin, Minnesota has two selections in the third round. Both picks are used to help sure up a shaky secondary. Roberson will be expected to start opposite Xavier Rhodes and Hakeem Smith will team up and start with Harrison Smith as our safeties. 

Rounds four and five are used selecting good players in positions of need. Donald would be a steal in the fourth round at defensive tackle and Watt could hopefully develop into a starter on the offensive line.

Wilder is selected in the sixth round to be Adrian Peterson’s backup. Toby Gerhart will depart via free agency so a backup running back will be a need. 

In round seven Minnesota goes with the BPA in a need area and selects another cornerback in Allen. You can never have too many quality corners, especially playing in the NFC North.


Anonymous said...

I kind a like what I see, but you can't forget about free angecy where It will effect what direction the Vikes go. I hope the Vikes grab a top CB as well as a OG, SS, DL. They will have the money to spend. As well I would like to see a trade for Kirk C (QB) for a second round pick. Their will be a trade of some sort in this draft and this makes the most spence to me.

justin gallardo said...

What about Mettenburger or Boyd. Both have a better skill set and both should be there in the 2nd.. McCarron is matt cassel -ish..

Iowa fan said...

I also like what I'm seeing here, but I like the idea of trading out of #8 to mid to late teens and picking up a few extra picks (2nd, 4th, 6th & 2nd-2015) or something like that... This gives us amo to trade backup in late 1st or use the pick to fill major holes on D. Free angecy is also huge in what direction we'll go in the draft. I would like to see OG, CB, DL, S. I'm not a fan on drafting a RB because we have Zach Line! He's was awesome and have a lot of upside. I'm also excited to see what these new coaches bring yo the Vikes.